Mil Spec Wood Crates, Boxes, Containers


This specification covers the requirements for new wood cleated plywood boxes intended for use as containers for domestic and oversea shipment of general materials and supplies.


This specification covers new nailed and lock corner wood boxes, assembled or knock down, for use as containers for domestic and overseas shipping.


This specification covers the cleaning, drying, preservation, packaging, and packaging marking requirements for all types and sizes of stock and production bearings, associated parts, and sub assemblies.


This specification covers the fabrication of new wood-cleated boxes with skidded, load-bearing bases. Boxes covered by this specification are designed for loads less than 2500 lbs and not greater than 16ft in length.


This specification covers three types and nine classes of box designs having two exterior vertical cleats on each end. It also covers the closing and strapping requirements for filled boxes and prescribes the criteria to be utilized to determine the serviceability of Government furnished boxes.


This specification covers requirements for two types and two classes of sheathed crates each of which may have two styles of bases. The crates are designed for net leads not exceeding 30,000 pound (lb) and to withstand the most severe overseas shipping and storage conditions. ​


This specification covers the requirements for new wood boxes, wood-cleated with skidded load-bearing bases.


This specification covers the requirements of rigid wood shipping containers / Crates. Primarily used for loads of greater than 2500# / 1100K and higher than 48" / 1200 mm. Typically will not exceed 20' / 6000 mm in length and a width not to exceed that dictated by common transport methods. Capacities are based on a combination of standard specifications and common industry practices.


These standards meet or exceed ISO requirements.
Our quality controls have been designed to meet Mil-I-45208, Mil-Std-9858, and Mil-Std-105

U.S. Army Logistics Management College Certified

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